Becoming the first choice

fideliserclientsStrategies to obtain, foster and keep customer loyalty

It takes thousands of dollars and months before you find a good customer… and it only takes a few minutes to loose one. Not only you want satisfied customers, more importantly you want loyal customers. What are you doing to be the first choice and create loyalty with your customers? In this highly interactive and information rich session, you will learn that:

  • Customer service is not a department… it’s an attitude and everyboby’s responsibility;
  • Each customer represent a goldmine (the lifetime value of a customer is 20 times is annual sales volume);
  • You never have a second chance to make a good first and last impression;
  • Your organization is as good as your worst employee;
  • The customer is always right even when he is wrong because he can spend his money elsewhere;
  • You must provide your customers with a memorable experience (wow effect) if you want to be different than your competition; and
  • You should never take your customers for granted and say thank you more often.

braceletIn addition, near the end of his presentation, Patrick will ask all participants to make a commitment on a goal that is outside their comfort zone. He will give all the participants a free souvenir bracelet to be worn for 21 days to remind them to act on their commitment. Patrick believes that action is the only way to get better RESULTS.

“Unanimously, our 90 participants have greatly appreciated your friendliness and your message that is both simple and effective. Several of them, puffed up with a new energy and armed with your customer service principles are already on the road of success! ”

Denis Pascal, Vice President Operations – Super C